What if through painting you could connect with your Organic Memory? Will you grant yourself such Pleasure? And to your children?

In a PLACE out of any external pressure

A reduced GROUP of people from all ages

A play RITUAL where expressing your own world, a TREASURE to enjoy the whole life

Our Proposal

We propose you a long-term INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF

We help you by improving your well-being through self-knowledge and exploration of your own world. Self-esteem is reinforced through play and spontaneous expression.

The bridge between the intimate and the social space is strengthened, avoiding conflicts and improving the social relations. The person gets reinforced without comparing or competing and enjoys healthier human relations.

Art of Being is more than a mere workshop of free expression, it is a long term investment in one’s self with permanent results in Well-being and Human Relations. The impacts are many and very positive, all focused in one single activity.

The bases

Our workshop and our project are both based on respect, the absence of judgement and the return to spontaneity. We believe in wealth through diversity both in ages, cultures, languages or beliefs.

Let’s imagine a place out of the day-by-day pressures. Let’s imagine a dozen of individuals who unlearnt about competition since what is reinforced in this place are their differences – on age, personality, origin. Now imagine an activity with the virtues of a play and the seriousness of a task involving all human abilities. Is it possible to imagine such encounter?

Our Training

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