What if I dare changing my life?

What if I dare changing my life?

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When I made my internal decision about creating my workshop it was not the only decision coming in the same package. The change of life was  attached to it, even prior. I started calculating the way to put it on, what kind of job to combine it with, what timings …. It was not compatible with my job then. It wasn’t related only to timings but mainly with the amount and type of energy I needed to carry it out. It was necessary a change of life, a change on the page and a change in priorities (something I was longing deep down for a while). It was also necessary a transition time in order to let go, get some strength and changing energy before starting the workshop.



For my experience I know the best way to empty your backpack and get to know yourself is to travel and there a light came to my mind. It came back to one of my dreams when I was a child. In a letter written with less tan 10 years old I confessed my biggest dream when growing up will be to travel around the world. First reaction: It is crazy. Second thought: Is it?. Third and last conclusion: I am leaving!. And everything made sense, as one of those epiphanies in life when puzzle pieces fall into place. Travelling was definetely the best choice for me.

“ We live in a traveller planet that leaves its trace in the sky, apparently a disorganized and chaotic place,  observed by many men’s eyes night after night with the desire of understanding the world they are living in.

Many of those men, smart and curious, realized very soon that it is in the travel, in the contemplation of unknown lands and seas, where were enclosed a good part of the keys making our world finally understandable”

Bernardo Souvirón, Ulises y Tarteso (“Los Pasos Perdidos”)


Friends and accidental readers of this page and blog: I am leaving for a trip around the world for 1 year and this blog will be my way of communicating with you. Here I will tell you step by step my adventure through videos, pictures, impressions and thoughts. In the end the Art of Being lies in the Art of Living, doesn’t it?

Who knows if this adventure of mine inspire you in some way and makes you think. Maybe you also decide to change your life on your own way.

This change didn’t happen when I planned it for but one year later, and in the end I can see it was meant to be now. As my mom said “if it is meant to be for you, it wouldn’t be for anyone else”, what I translate by “patience and trust”. She was my inspiration in this path, even after leaving us, and she will keep isnpiring me from inside. This project and this trip is dedicated to her.




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