I am Maria, let me tell you about me

Who I am and Where do I Come from

I am a world citizen born in Ferrol (A Coruña) and my life until now has been developed in different cities such as London, Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid.

I get excited by diversity of cultures, people and ways of living. I am communicative, empathic, creative and persistent. I love to listen people and get to know them; I love even more to help them.

I made my degree in Foreign Languages, both English and French and I specialized in International Commerce. My professional career has been developed mainly in Fashion and textile where I have been working the last 10 years in senior positions, working day by day both from a creative and a management perspective.

Where do I Go

My humanist nature and a powerful need of personal evolution took me some years ago into a search for my vocation, the activity I want to devote a big part of my life to. I discovered fascinating things throughout the process, the essential one was my vocation is to help others through Art, the Art of being themselves.

Taken by this aim I did my training with Arno Stern in Paris, in the heart of his Closlieu, with the determination of creating a workshop based on similar characteristics. Barcelona is the city I chose to perform it, to promote the Formulation helping children and adults to discover it and discover themselves.