Art of Being

The Trace

The pleasure of drawing and the ability for it appear in a very early stage in children’s gestures. The evolution of drawing is developed in human being by following a natural and programmed process, independently on the child’s observation of his/her environment.

The Formulation is the combination of signs being born from this natural process and it is the amazing discovery Arno Stern made through his 70 years’ experience. The Formulation is not limited by age; it accompanies every human being’s life in each phase of the existence.

The interest on child’s drawing experienced approximately a century ago resulted in wrong assumptions. First of all it was considered this drawing was meant for communicating, secondly it was assumed certain people was more gifted than others and as conclusion child’s drawing was only a stage in the way to Art. Based on this triple mistake Art education was developed and, lately, also Art therapy. However, the drawing can be considered in a complete different way without being whether limited to childhood or assimilated to Art.

The Expression

Humanity has always used the drawn signs to communicate. The image allowed us to connect with other human beings and even with “superior divinities”. What remained hidden yet is this same stroke can be an expression without addressee. It is precisely when this drawing is directed to anyone, when it is free of any need of being understood, that the manifestation becomes Expression of the Organic Memory, and this fact has unsuspected consequences.

The Organic Memory is the one keeping the genetic program and the organic records of human being from prenatal life. The Formulation is the only known way to get access to it. Any person has a silent Organic Memory that can be awake.

Such expression orientation is only produced in particular conditions. The expression is stimulated in “Le Closlieu”, Arno Stern studio, same as in Art of Being studio, where it is kept away from external influences and distractions.

They are actions coming from an internal need and not achieving in a work. They are enough as they are and give a never experienced pleasure since, through this drawing, an old organic retention is released; the Formulation is the only way of manifesting such memory.

This is what the stroke is in “Le Closlieu” and in Art of Being. It belongs to a consistent and universal system and it can emanate from any individual no matter their cultural conditioning.

The Formulation

Arno Stern created “Le Closlieu” in Paris seventy years ago, in 1954. It was right there, thanks to the expression got released from the influences reducing and parasitizing it, where he discovered the Formulation and he could study it in its full originality. Next he took his investigation further by visiting desert and virgin forest populations, in a time (1960-1970) where schooling hadn’t achieved those places, and choosing the tribes who didn’t experience painting yet. These experiences allowed him to prove the Formulation Universal nature.

The Formulation is the set of traces, objects-images, mechanisms and laws determining the configurations and evolution of this process. It is an autonomous, structured and universal system. Expression Semiology is the science studying and explaining Formulation and its complexities.

Fulfilling Yourself

When the attention is taken to the Formulation mechanisms it deliberately excludes all curiosity about its content. Understanding its functioning is a scientific process and it is far from drawings’ interpretation.

The Formulation knowledge prevents from surprise, indiscretion and hoarding. The practitioner acquires a respectful attitude towards the individual and his/her trace. The Assistance is essential at the painting sessions. The practitioner assists every individual in his/her own particular needs during the workshop allowing them to get completely into their own process, their own world and expression without any external concern.

The activity at the studio is not a therapy and, at the same time, is preventive from therapies since it stimulates human capabilities allowing individuals to fulfill themselves. It develops the precise same aptitudes society has silenced and makes any individual, no matter the life period when he/she experience Formulation, a more fulfilled person.

The Conditions

The workshop is put into practice in an intimate place, away from external influences and distractions. It is a refuge out of any worry or external inhibition, whatever stress a child or an adult can have it disappears when the play starts. The importance here lies on the Art of Being through the play of Painting.

Everyone is welcome and everyone can participate, with no exception on age, origin or any particular characteristic. There are no boundaries for the play of painting and even less for the Art of being. The play mates create a heterogeneous group made of different ages and origins where everyone can freely express without comparing with the others. Diversity, difference and authenticity are promoted.

It exists a precious balance between collectivity and individuality same as between the own freedom and the one from the others. It generates a very positive learning for children.

There is an established ritual and some clear rules of respect to materials and to the others that every individual learns very quickly right after starting the painting session, even the youngest children. The atmosphere is calmed in active work.

Right in the center of the space we find the palette-table made of 18 colors. The colors, the paint and the brushes have been especially developed by Arno Stern using natural and eco-friendly materials. The colors selection is the most suitable for the play of painting being selected through his 70 years’ experience.

The practitioner is an essential role, his/her task is not teaching or judging but assisting and making easier for the players their immersion in the play of painting.